Build mailing list

As you probably now, the release-team channel hosted a meeting about
the "Holes in the GNOME 3 process".

Here you can find the summary [1]. But related with the build-brigade,
we have this items:

  ACTION: Investigate setting up mail notification (bkor, api)
  ACTION: Send regular summaries of build status (mclasen)

I updated our current TODO section [3] (it was totally outdated),
and added the mailing list notification as the top priority on it.

So, the purpose of this mail is start to coordinating it, and not
forget this. AFAIK, Olav is in holidays, so this can be slow.

Lets starts:

Some years ago I reviewed the mailing support on the jhbuild-buildbot,
and it worked. I was able to add myself to the list of people to
receive a email, and I received it properly. But this was before all
John Carr work, so probably things have changed. But taking into
account that RSS is working, it shouldn't be a big problem here.

So the items would be:

  * Check if this is working.
  * Check how you can add on the email any kind of slave/project

And then my ideas is that sys-admin people would create the mailing
list, so the buildbot would send a mail to this.

Olav, is this enough or the mail from the buildbot should have a
specific format?



API (apinheiro igalia com)

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