MailNotifier and logfiles with Gnome Build Brigade?

Hello build-brigade list,

My name is Johannes Ring and I work for Simula Research Laboratory in
Norway. First, let me thank you for the great work you do with the Gnome
Build Brigade. For quite some time we have been using an old version of
Build Brigade for testing our software [1]. Lately, I have been working on
switching to the latest Build Brigade with jhbuild. After some
modifications (mostly FEniCS and Windows specific) it is now running quite
nicely [2]. I have
two problems though:

1. When a build fails I would like that an email is sent out to the
project's mailing list. Is there a way to do this with the Gnome Build
Brigade? Is it possible to use Buildbots MailNotifier class somehow?

2. Is it possible to add log files to the status page for a project? See
for instance [3] where we have 'demolog' and 'memchecklog' in the last
step 'test' and 'sconslog' in several of the other steps. These log files
are generated during build/tests and are added in the BuildFactory's
addStep method with the logfiles keyword. Is it possible to do this with
the current Build Brigade?

Any suggestions would be very much appreciated.

Best regards,



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