Enhancements of the day

Hello all,

It was already months ago that I wrote:

> - way less important but nice would be to have the build master
>   reload its configuration (list of slaves, list of modules) without
>   having to be restarted (I am sure it is almost there but I didn't
>   have the time to finish this).

and it is finally here; just do kill -HUP $PID_OF_MASTER.

On the build master I also added a reload target to the Makefile, to
perform the same task.

While I was at it I also added support for slave attributes, for
informational things like contact email, distribution... and settings
like maxbuilds (to limit the number of concurrent builds).  Those are
currently exposed as http://build.gnome.org/bots/bxlug-sid which is
not really a pretty page, it will be improved.

Slave attributes will also be useful to categorize slaves, so
different jobs could be pushed to them (to conditionnaly run make
distcheck, or coverage reports, for example).


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