Re: New website layout

Hi Ilmar,

El vie, 27-06-2008 a las 15:55 +0200, Ilmar Wilbers escribió:
> OK, thanks.
> Just a question. Looking at, I notice that the buildbots 
> are building one project at the time, going down the list in numerical 
> order. How do you handle this, I thought using CPU locks only worked for 
> preventing to builders within the same project to build at the same 
> time.

We use a custom serial scheduler for that (you can see it in

>  Am i correct in that there have been som major revisions? The 
> multimaster.cfg file that came with the new checkout of jhbuild has a 
> lot more functionality then does mine. 

Mmm... not really. Actually, with the exception of this website layout
functionality the multimaster.cfg file has been the same for (at least)
a year. 

> Looking at buildbot.tac, my old 
> one hardly contains anything, whereas yours is rather extensive. Am I 
> using a very old version of the scripts?

That might be the case, because there have not been so many updates


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