Re: New website layout

Hi Frederic,

Added Olav to CC since he may have something to say about this... (Olav,
this is about moving the build brigade scripts to Gnome SVN).

> > yes they are. I did not update the installation docs yet though, but it
> > is pretty easy. Some quick steps, knowing that you already have a
> > buildbot installation:
> > 
> > 1.- cd <jhbuiild scripts> && cvs update
> > 2.- cp master/style/template.html <MASTER_WWW_DIR>/
> > 3.- cp -R master/style/template_files <MASTER_WWW_DIR>/
> Andreas Nilsson asked about this, as he has ideas to improve the look;
> it is now time to switch to GNOME subversion so everybody can help :)
> How do we plan that?

Good, let's see if this time we can get it done :)

If we put the sources inside jhbuild you will know better what's the
proper place for them inside the project, I think that you mentioned
once that there is a "scripts" directory in jhbuild.

Then it would be a matter of getting them from Igalia's CVS:

$ cvs -d :pserver:anonymous cvs igalia com:/var/publiccvs co

And import them to jhbuild's svn at any time.

If we prefer to have a separated module, then Olav will know better
what's the way to go. I do not have any preferences about having them in
a separate module or not.

If we go with putting them inside jhbuild, then I guess you would be the
right person to import them, otherwise, maybe it should be Olav. I do
not care about the CVS history either, so no worries here either.


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