Re: Jhbuildbot progress

El sáb, 26-07-2008 a las 12:13 +0100, John Carr escribió:
> Hi all,
> Jhbuild SVN has a moduleset for getting the jhbuildbot dependencies
> (so far, zopeinterface, twisted and buildbot). E.g. something like
> this is what i'm using for my test deployment:

Cool, i've just tried it out :)

> jhbuild --moduleset=buildbot build buildbot
> cd jhbuildbot/master
> jhbuild run make start
> If we integrate this tightly into jhbuild, this will probably be
> reduced to jhbuild bot --bootstrap and jhbuild bot --start :-)
> Jhbuildbot has be moved to buildbot 0.7.8 (this was a 1 line change
> for us from 0.7.7) :-)


> I have reworked the master.cfg so that it is like a standard buildbot
> master.cfg, with the custom objects moved out to the jhbuildbot/
> module. Its not quite finished, but is everyone happy with it? I
> realise its not as simple as multimaster.cfg but it is a standard
> looking master.cfg. And it is only needed once on the server so it
> doesn't need to be as straightforward as the slave. 


> I am contemplating having a secondary config for the more volatile
> stuff...


> The homepage got the moduleset now.
> I'm going to remove the meta- stuff from the project list and add the
> (...) for long module names. Then I will experiment with landing this
> in jhbuild. Is there anything else I need to work on? (I can still see
> a few styling tweaks I can make...)

Looks better now! In the original we added some spacing to the cells in
the waterfallviews, like this:
(otherwise the borders touch each other and look ugly) but we had to
touch buildbot's code to do this. Other than that it looks good to me as
it is now! :)


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