Jhbuildbot progress

Hi all,

Jhbuild SVN has a moduleset for getting the jhbuildbot dependencies (so far, zopeinterface, twisted and buildbot). E.g. something like this is what i'm using for my test deployment:

jhbuild --moduleset=buildbot build buildbot
cd jhbuildbot/master
jhbuild run make start

If we integrate this tightly into jhbuild, this will probably be reduced to jhbuild bot --bootstrap and jhbuild bot --start :-)

Jhbuildbot has be moved to buildbot 0.7.8 (this was a 1 line change for us from 0.7.7) :-)

I have reworked the master.cfg so that it is like a standard buildbot master.cfg, with the custom objects moved out to the jhbuildbot/ module. Its not quite finished, but is everyone happy with it? I realise its not as simple as multimaster.cfg but it is a standard looking master.cfg. And it is only needed once on the server so it doesn't need to be as straightforward as the slave. I am contemplating having a secondary config for the more volatile stuff...

The homepage got the moduleset now.

I'm going to remove the meta- stuff from the project list and add the (...) for long module names. Then I will experiment with landing this in jhbuild. Is there anything else I need to work on? (I can still see a few styling tweaks I can make...)


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