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On Thu, Jul 24, 2008 at 4:25 PM, Iago Toral Quiroga <itoral igalia com> wrote:
El mar, 22-07-2008 a las 11:40 +0100, John Carr escribió:
>         I have pushed what I have so far to
>         bzr branch
>         You should be able to browse the history there too. Some of
>         this is more hardcoded that it should be, but you should be
>         able to get a feel for the new approach that the buildbot
>         people suggested. This branch is very close to solving the
>         following two goals:
>          * Upgrade to 0.7.7
>          * Only use 2 ports (right now: 9070 for build slaves, 8080
>         for http)

I've installed and played with it a little bit. It works pretty good
overall, great job John! :)

Some minor issues I found:

* configuration is mixed with python code, i would like to have a
separate config file to specify ports, slave names and passwords etc,
like the old multimaster.cfg/multislave.cfg files.

This is a leftover from moving stuff from global-config (which is what is normally a master.cfg in an ordinary setup, and something i really dislike about a typical builbot config). If you browse the code, you'll see i've been steadily moving things back out into the jhbuildbot folder. This will continue until master.cfg is very very minimal.
* In the home page there is no reference to the current moduleset being
built, if you check b.g.o you'll find that information at the top-left
part of the home page.

The existing jhbuild-buildbot-scripts directly reference a global variable to display this. As i'm putting the page in a module (@ jhbuildbot.status.web) I want to avoid this kind of thing. It will be added though, don't worry.
* In the home page at b.g.o we have an ellipsize of the module name to
avoid these meta-veeeeery-loooooooooong-module-names to wreck the view.
This is missing now in your version.

Kk. Will study the code again and make sure there are no other improvements I didnt fetch from the latest jhbuildbot-buildbot-scripts update as well.

Btw, any reason to keep the metas? I'm happy to ignore anything starting "meta-" when loading. 
* I guess this is due to the upgrade to buildbot 0.7.7, in buildbot
0.7.5 in the waterfall view of a particular project one could click on
the builder name to access and admin page where you could force builds.
This seems to be missing now. I guess there should be another way to do
this in buildbot 0.7.7 because this was an interesting feature...

I've been looking for this myself. According to the code, the feature should be available on this page, but for whatever reason it isn't:

I'm very close to just asking upstream about it. 
Other than this it works very well. I also tested the feeds and the code
coverage and they work fine.

The feeds have some breakage. For example, I note output like this:

Build details: <a href="">

I hope I can test how this works with more than one slave attached
during next week.

Hopefully it won't fall in bits! 
PD: I like the icon/image you added to the header, we wondered what we
should put there when we created the home page :)



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