Re: GNOME hosting - update

El mié, 25-04-2007 a las 11:25 +0200, Thomas Vander Stichele escribió:

> > At this moment we have just a single slave building Gnome in Debian Sid
> > (which is hosted in the same server as the master), but thomasvs is
> > working on adding two more slaves running different versions of Fedora.
> Well :) as you know, I am more waiting on igalia's firewall letting me
> in than anything else :) please let me know when this is done.

That's already been done a while ago and I sent you an email to warn you
too :)

Currently, "bot-actes" has connectivity (fails to build properly due to
some missconfiguration in my dev environment), but I'll try fix that
this week, however, "bot-carpa" seems to be offline yet (is it using the
same outgoing ip address?). You can check my development master here:

> >    - Maintenance: we would like to improve the gnome buildbot adding new
> > features, etc. How would the update process be if the master is hosted
> > in a Gnome machine? Would there be any restrictions or something? Would
> > we have root access to the server? 
> My suggestion: run both master and slave code from an svn checkout, and
> add an svn post-commit rule to export the changes to the master, and
> sighup it.  It would be nice though if we could also at least look at
> the log files somehow that the master generates.

Interesting idea, indeed. However, we would still need access for other
things, like updating buildbot version, maybe installing a new python
version or some python libraries, check the logs, maybe configure
Apache, and probably more things I'm missing... :/

> In any case, I've ran my masters from svn checkouts, and have been
> thinking of doing the post-commit thing for even easier maintenance, and
> I will make that change on ours in the next month.

Please let me know the details when it's done so we can apply the same
approach to our gnome-buildbot too :)


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