Re: GNOME hosting - update


> El lun, 23-04-2007 a las 17:46 +0200, Olav Vitters escribi� > I promised a while ago to move the buildbot to one of the GNOME servers.
> > 

Sounds great !

> > We have an 2x Opteron 252 with 4GB mem, 32GB of disk (SCSI) intended
> > solely for the buildbot. Currently named tinderbox1, but I'll have that
> > changed. The free disk space is pretty limited, but it should be enough
> > for a stable and unstable build.

>From my experience, disk space is one of the most important resources
for build masters.  I regularly get complaints from a sysadmin of a
machine on which I have a master running.  This one is only running
GStreamer builds, and has 16 GB of diskspace, but every four months we
run into trouble.

I'm sure we can fix up buildbot code to auto-gz log files, or delete
older log files, or what not, but I just wanted to let you know my

> At this moment we have just a single slave building Gnome in Debian Sid
> (which is hosted in the same server as the master), but thomasvs is
> working on adding two more slaves running different versions of Fedora.

Well :) as you know, I am more waiting on igalia's firewall letting me
in than anything else :) please let me know when this is done.

>    - Maintenance: we would like to improve the gnome buildbot adding new
> features, etc. How would the update process be if the master is hosted
> in a Gnome machine? Would there be any restrictions or something? Would
> we have root access to the server? 

My suggestion: run both master and slave code from an svn checkout, and
add an svn post-commit rule to export the changes to the master, and
sighup it.  It would be nice though if we could also at least look at
the log files somehow that the master generates.

In any case, I've ran my masters from svn checkouts, and have been
thinking of doing the post-commit thing for even easier maintenance, and
I will make that change on ours in the next month.


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