GNOME hosting - update

I promised a while ago to move the buildbot to one of the GNOME servers.

We have an 2x Opteron 252 with 4GB mem, 32GB of disk (SCSI) intended
solely for the buildbot. Currently named tinderbox1, but I'll have that
changed. The free disk space is pretty limited, but it should be enough
for a stable and unstable build.

How is such a buildbot setup? Are there any changes other than just
the buildbot software? Some quick instructions perhaps? Suggest to meet
on IRC to set up the software.

FYI: Currently the machine has the most minimal install of RHEL5
possible. Meaning, after installation the machine didn't even have
ssh/yum/etc. So probably a few -devel things have to be installed on it
(probably lacks gcc).


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