Re: [tim-janik/beast] No Audio (#92)

* my two next questions would be, how does MIDI in connect and is there a way to use the switch -p to connect directly to the audio card via ALSA with the following soundcard info?
  something like `beast -p alsa=default` or `beast -p alsa=hw:0`

Beast will automatically use the single full-duplex ALSA audio device that your system provides if the device is unused, which is not the case - you have "(1 busy)". So while pulseaudio keeps the device busy, you'll have to continue to use Beast through pulseaudio, if you want it to operate directly on the ALSA device, pulseaudio needs to be suspended, e.g. with:
pasuspender -- beast

Midi works in a similar fashion, but doesn't seem to be busy on your system.

I quickly looked into the AppImage on stretch (9.8), but since Debian stretch doesn't have npm and quite an old fluidsynth version (1.1.6, which has known bugs), building it for 9.8 will be quite involved and will have to wait until I'm more idle.

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