[tim-janik/beast] No Audio (#92)

I have installed beast_0.12.0_amd64.deb and managed to build the most recent git pulled master on Debian 9.8 but cannot figure out how to get audio or connect MIDI devices

if I run the command beast --bse-driver-list it provides extensive information about the sound card but it is not very clear how to get it recognized, even activating PulseAudio does not produce sound

I can load all modules and if I play one of the demos the mixer shows activity, but no way to pipe that audio to the sound card.

In the help file it has the switch --bse-pcm-driver and gives as an example
-p oss=/dev/dsp2,rw

does it use only OSS?
can it support ALSA or JACK?

I tried to query the support pages but the Links are dead at https://testbit.eu/wiki/Beast-Quickstart

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