[tim-janik/beast] Properties that have Objects as value are currently not portable to C++ (#113)

As discussed previously, I created one example what happens if I try to port a property that contains an Object to C++. I choose Song postprocessing network as example.

stefan@quadcorn:~/src/ghbeast (object-pport-error % u=)$ make -j1
  MODE     debug
  CHECK    Configuration dependencies...
  GEN      out/config-cache.mk
  KEEP     out/config-stamps.sha256
  MODE     debug
  GEN      out/bse/bseapi_interfaces.hh out/bse/bseapi_interfaces.cc out/bse/bseapi_handles.hh out/bse/bseapi_handles.cc
bse/bseapi.idl:1029: error: invalid type definition: = Object (_("Postprocessor"), _("Synthesis network to be used as postprocessor"), "r:w:S:G:unprepared")
bse/Makefile.mk:390: recipe for target '/.../·out∕bse∕bseapi_interfaces.hh·out∕bse∕bseapi_interfaces.cc·out∕bse∕bseapi_handles.hh·out∕bse∕bseapi_handles.cc·.INTERMEDIATE' failed
make: *** [/.../·out∕bse∕bseapi_interfaces.hh·out∕bse∕bseapi_interfaces.cc·out∕bse∕bseapi_handles.hh·out∕bse∕bseapi_handles.cc·.INTERMEDIATE] Error 7

It seems aida doesn't recognize Object as valid type here.

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