[tim-janik/beast] Property ports for MidiSynth (#112)

This ports all properties of the MidiSynth to C++ (except for object properties SNet/PNet).

I had to fix a bug in BsePcmOutput (first commit), because setting the volume on the output object had no effect, but I wanted to test my code.

To have 1:1 the same ranges, I introduced constants for BSE_MIN|MAX_VOLUME_dB, but maybe this should just be hardcoded to -96 / 24. For the new max midi channel constant I think a constant should be used (maybe moved up to the other constants).

I noticed that some property idl constants don't combine properly. If you write Range (... GUI STORAGE ...), this expands to "r:w:G" "r:w:S" - so instead of getting a "G" hint, you get a "Gr" hint. Here I used STANDARD as ported property type, to work around the issue,which has both "G" and "S" hints. Not sure what is intended here, but adding ":" at the beginning and end of each property constant would allow using both versions for a GUI & STORAGE property.

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