Re: Using std::any


On Sat, Sep 09, 2017 at 06:05:55PM +0200, Tim Janik wrote:
Aida introduces its own Any type and I think it could be significantly
simplified by using std::any internally.
However std::any is C++17 stuff, so its only available as <experimental/any>.
But even that requires C++14, and our code base currently just depends on C++11.

What's your take on upgrading the dependency to C++14, and thus being able to
use <experimental/any> (besides some other minor improvements C++14 brings)?

That means that I should still be able to compile BEAST with g++-5.4.0 on
Ubuntu16.04, right?

If so, I'd say if it makes your implementation easier, go ahead and use C++14.
IMHO we should bump our C++ language flavour every now and then, as supporting
old compilers is just more work, and now you have a reason to do it, it seems
like a good point in time to require C++14.

   Cu... Stefan
Stefan Westerfeld,

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