Re: tests/ and feature tests reorganized


On Mon, Oct 16, 2017 at 01:10:13AM +0200, Tim Janik wrote:
I've just moved tests/ to use a single non-recursive makefile.
In the process, all audio feature tests got moved into af-tests/
also using a non-recursive makefile.

This means all test from tests/ and af-tests/ are now executed
in parallel, plus the resampler tests also became more
parallelized by splitting up the test rules.

Since the tests run a lot quicker on multi-core computers now
(I could save more than 5/10 seconds for test runs here), I've
added the af-tests back into 'make check' with a few exceptions:

1) Partymonster is not enabled by default. Though it passes,
  it blocks the CPU for a solid 7 seconds on my laptop, while
  all other tests complete in half the time. I'd love to add
  it in though, but it needs to be faster, what about cutting
  its rendering to a few seconds? Maybe 60 seconds or so
  into the song?

Yes, maybe it should be a full test if you call make slowcheck (do we still
have a slow variant of make check?) or whatever, and check the first minute
otherwise, which sounds like a reasonable thing to do.

2) A bunch of tests are never completing now, they keep rendering
   into the WAV file forever, filling up the disc. The culprits
   are commented out for now:
# FIXME: check-af-tests: af-tests/artscompressor
# FIXME: check-af-tests: af-tests/minisong
# FIXME: check-af-tests: af-tests/organsong
# FIXME: check-af-tests: af-tests/simple-loop

Not sure I'll get around to fixing this soon,
but it definitley must be addressed.


Also, it could really help to fix up resamplertest and bsefcompare
to *only* put out '  PASS       blah short text blah' unless -v is
given or a test is failing. That way the mixed-line output of
parallel test runs becomes parsable again.

Ok, I found some time to implement one line test output, the merge
request for that is

   Cu... Stefan
Stefan Westerfeld,

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