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Let me reply only partially,

On Mon, Oct 16, 2017 at 01:10:13AM +0200, Tim Janik wrote:
Btw, the slow suites of resampler tests are still available to
be run manually with:

      make tests-testresampler-check-perf # passes fine

      make tests-testresampler-check-all

The later fails here, with:

tests/testresampler accuracy --up --precision=24 --freq-scan=50,18000,50 --max-threshold=126.5  # ideally: 
# accuracy test for factor 2 upsampling using SSE instructions
#   input frequency range used [ 50.00 Hz, 18000.00 Hz ] (SR = 44100.0 Hz, freq increment = 50.00)
#   max difference between correct and computed output: 0.000000 = -126.489977 dB
#                             (threshold given by user: -126.500000 dB)
tests/ assertion failed: max_diff_db < options.max_threshold_db

Not sure how bad this is, input is appreciated.

The threshold problem is not bad, I looked at the actual output. This can be
easily fixed by a minimal change to the threshold option. Fix is in my branch.

However we have a bigger problem, which I found while looking at the issue:

Both, the FPU and SSE variant of the resampler code need to be tested
(depending on the testresampler --fpu option). From looking at the source code
testresampler tries to enforce this by passing --bse-force-fpu bse_init_test()
if the FPU variant is to be tested.  However, currently this doesn't have the
desired effect. So we always test SSE (and never test FPU), which is bad.

Option #1: make --bse-force-fpu do what it used to do.

Option #2: I looked at what bse/tests/ does. Apparently the FPU is
used if we init without Bse::cstrings_to_vector ("load-core-plugins=1", NULL)

I've committed a complete solution based on that on the resampler-test-fix
branch of my beast repo. If you want to go that way, I'd recommend removing
the bse-force-fpu option completely.

   Cu... Stefan
Stefan Westerfeld,

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