Re: License "as-is" not found on web server (#13)

Hey Stefan,

the file LICENSE-AS-IS actually just contained part of a standard dont-sue-me
like the MIT license has it. But due to lack of copyright specification isn't a
real license
as it turns out. That and some web directory aging caused the link to disappear.
I've set a redirect now that links to a mirror of historic site contents, but
that doesn't
solve the lack of copyright attribution.

When we used the link, our intention was to put the content it applies to into the
public domain. But it turns out you cannot do that either according to current
law at least. Instead what is possible is to waive copyright for works produced, the
explanation can be found here:

So, what is really needed is a patch that changes all BSE files turned up by:
    fgrep LICENSE-AS-IS beast/ -r

Of course that's only legal if the original authors give their OK to the this
"relicensing", but for all files where this applies, you and I are the authors.

So I'd appreciate a patch submission to fix this that I can merge and sign off on.

PS: CCing the mailing list which is more suitable for discussions.

On 30.05.2017 13:49, swesterfeld wrote:

Demo instruments (like BQS Organ) use as license

|Provided "as is", WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY (|

however if you try to open this in a web browser, you get an error message
(not found).

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Yours sincerely,
Tim Janik

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