Re: New BEAST (demo)song: Artificial Aurora

Hey Stefan,

that sounds really nice!
And the drums fit well, as you said. ;-)

About the SpectMorph integration, does that mean you can have something ready
soon to build & include a BseSpectMorph plugin in Beast by default?

And yes indeed, I also think user feedback needs improving if some plugins turn
out to be missing.

PS: I'm quite occupied with family visits and company stuff for the next three
days, I'll get to patches/etc after that.

On 27.05.2017 19:08, Stefan Westerfeld wrote:

Since 2003, BEAST ships (only) with my Party Monster demo song, and recently I
had some time to create another one, I called it "Artificial Aurora".


It uses three instrument types:

1. SpectMorph based Pad sounds - these sound really nice for the slowly changing

2. one of the imported Hydrogen drumkits - does a lot better job at drums for
this music style than the retrokit we ship

3. synthetic sounds for bass, fat lead and snappy lead

I like the overall result, as these fit together quite well, and complement
each other. Obviously you need SpectMorph installed to listen to the song.


* Once we have packaged the Hydrogen Drumkits we can package properly, we can
include the drums by reference (rather than as copy). I am not sure if the
kit I choose will be one that debian|ubuntu package, so we may need to change
the kit to one of the ones we can package. But thats a minor issue.

* Maybe BEAST should on load complain at the UI if the SpectMorph plugin was
not found (currently the song will load but fail to play properly in this

Other than that, I don't intend to change anything (except maybe cosmetic
changes like renaming stuff), the song is done at this point.

   Cu... Stefan

Yours sincerely,
Tim Janik
Free software author.

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