SF2: bsefextract produces -inf

Hi Stefan,

with current wip/soundfont, I'm getting -inf on some audio tests.

Here's a test case for -inf results from bsefextract:


(temporary URL, will be removed at some point in the future)

tools/bsefextract sum-diff-test.wav --cut-zeros --channel 0 --avg-spectrum \
  --spectrum --avg-energy


avg_energy = -inf;

Since 'master' works fine here, I suspect that the SF2 branch change *some*
timing aspects of the engine or engine initialization, which probably affects
the number of zeros initially generated by bsetool render2wav. E.g. fluidsynth
bootup, or the introduction of a master lock which I'm still not quite fond of...

After looking at a couple runs, I can say that the amount of non-zero samples in
the sum-diff-test.wav file varies a *lot* between runs. I've picked an example
from 'make check' for you that has astonishingly *few* samples.

Yours sincerely,
Tim Janik

Free software author.

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