Re: jack-driver & jack_ringbuffer

Hey Stefan,

please go ahead and use teh jack ringbuffer is one is really needed.

IIRC, the old ring buffer code we had went into birnet, then rapicorn,
then rcore and because it got no uses into rcore/tests and in the end
was removed a year or so ago.
The final removal was due to non-trivial bugs in the ring buffer code
found by the gcc/clang thread sanitizers, see rapicorn's
option. (Not sure if that got ported to beast yet)

On 28.06.2017 13:46, Stefan Westerfeld wrote:

Now that I ported jack-driver to the new beast (jack-driver branch),

I wonder I should eliminate my ringbuffer implementation which
currently lives in the driver code and use jack_ringbuffer instead.

 - we get rid of hand written, non trivial lock-free ringbuffer code
   and use a standard solution, which is well-tested and used elsewhere

 - we don't have a ringbuffer for other parts of the beast code if
   jack is not available

I tend to using jack_ringbuffer, it would make the driver easier to maintain. I
didn't try porting that yet, but I believe it is feasible.

   Cu... Stefan

Yours sincerely,
Tim Janik
Free software author.

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