Re: jack-driver updated


On Wed, Aug 23, 2017 at 06:46:24PM +0200, Tim Janik wrote:
this is the version you posted to the list and I was testing:

That is the correct branch. But still there is something wrong with your checkout.

$ git clone git github com:swesterfeld/beast.git
$ cd beast
$ git checkout jack-driver
Branch jack-driver set up to track remote branch jack-driver from origin.
Switched to a new branch 'jack-driver'
$ egrep '(g_return_if_fail|assert_return)' drivers/ 
  assert_return (!self->jack_client, false);
  assert_return (self->jack_client != NULL);
  assert_return (self->jack_client, devices);
  assert_return (jack->input_ports.size() == n_channels, 0);
  assert_return (jack->output_ports.size() == n_channels, 0);
      assert_return (frames_written == n_frames, 0); // we checked the available space before
      assert_return (read_frames == n_frames, 0); // we checked the available space before
  assert_return (jack->jack_client != NULL, false);
  assert_return (jack->jack_client != NULL, 0);
  assert_return (jack->jack_client != NULL, 0);
  assert_return (frames_read == handle->block_length, 0);
  assert_return (jack->jack_client != NULL);
      assert_return (jack->device_read_counter == jack->device_write_counter);
  assert_return (frames_written == handle->block_length);

As you see, there is no g_return_if_fail in this version of the code. Yet in
your review you say it needs to be fixed. See my other mail for more examples
of differences between the latest version of my jack-driver branch and the code
review you gave.

On 23.08.2017 15:56, Stefan Westerfeld wrote:
From your comments I believe that you didn't review the latest greatest version
of the code, which would be:

Thanks, but I need a proper branch pointer that I can rebase.
I don't care if you rebase the "jack-driver" branch or rename it "wip" or
somesuch, but please give me a branch to check out, so I can rebase and have
easy access to the history.

The branch jack-driver is the branch you need to use.

   Cu... Stefan
Stefan Westerfeld,

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