for Rapicorn & Beast

Both, Rapicorn and Beast can now very easily built inside docker.

Both repos have the following files in place:
- misc/ - template to yield a Dockerfile
- misc/ a simple script that substitutes @environmentvariable@ in misc/
- misc/ - easy to use script that generates Dockerfile and runs docker build

The script can be used as follows:
$ misc/ Usage: <DIST> [INTENT]

Here, DIST is used as the starting distribution for the Dockerfile (the FROM statement),
and INTENT controls individual steps of the docker build.

Example invocation:
misc/ ubuntu:wily clangbuild,distcheck

The .travis.yml file has more examples:
Distribution examples:

Currently supportet intents (can be combined as above):
clangbuild      (use clang++ instead of c++)
distcheck       (default)
package         (build .deb packages)
bintrayup       ( package upload, requires API token)

That should make it really easy to test build rapicorn or beast in docker, e.g. with clang, regardless of 
local installations, provided one has docker installed (and git to clone from github).

Yours sincerely,
Tim Janik
Free software author.

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