Re: [PATCH 4/4] BSE: install additional #include files required to build SpectMorph


I think the best way to find a new name is to see how the #include file is

$ grep -r bse-internals.hh $(find . -iname '*.hh' -o -iname '*.cc')
./tests/latency/bselatencytest.genidl.hh:#include <bse/bse-internals.hh>
./tests/bse/testplugin.genidl.hh:#include <bse/bse-internals.hh>
./sfi/    printf ("\n#include <bse/bse-internals.hh>\n");
./bse/bseprobe.genidl.hh:#include <bse/bse-internals.hh>
./bse/bsebusmodule.genidl.hh:#include <bse/bse-internals.hh>
./bse/bsebasics.genidl.hh:#include <bse/bse-internals.hh>
./plugins/davchorus.genidl.hh:#include <bse/bse-internals.hh>
./plugins/standardguspatchenvelope.genidl.hh:#include <bse/bse-internals.hh>
./plugins/davbassfilter.genidl.hh:#include <bse/bse-internals.hh>
./plugins/bsebalance.genidl.hh:#include <bse/bse-internals.hh>
./plugins/bseamplifier.genidl.hh:#include <bse/bse-internals.hh>
./plugins/artscompressor.genidl.hh:#include <bse/bse-internals.hh>
./plugins/bsesummation.genidl.hh:#include <bse/bse-internals.hh>
./plugins/bsequantizer.genidl.hh:#include <bse/bse-internals.hh>
./plugins/davorgan.genidl.hh:#include <bse/bse-internals.hh>
./plugins/bsenoise.genidl.hh:#include <bse/bse-internals.hh>
./plugins/bsecontribsampleandhold.genidl.hh:#include <bse/bse-internals.hh>
./plugins/standardsaturator.genidl.hh:#include <bse/bse-internals.hh>

So sfidl automatically includes this file for the C++ code generated from the
plugin IDL file. This is also the reason why SpectMorph needs this file, as it
contains IDL files and corresponding plugins. Maybe we could call it

   Cu.. Stefan

On Tue, Oct 20, 2015 at 01:07:37AM +0200, Tim Janik wrote:
an "internal" header like bse-internals.hh should obviously not be installed.
Looking at it, it's mostly including otherwise public math headers though.
So I winder why it got named like this in the first place. I guess the header
should be renamed when installed, care to dig up its uses/history and
suggest a better name?

On 18.10.2015 16:42, Stefan Westerfeld wrote:
Signed-off-by: Stefan Westerfeld <stefan space twc de>
 bse/ | 3 +--
 1 file changed, 1 insertion(+), 2 deletions(-)

diff --git a/bse/ b/bse/
index 3668938..76c2a09 100644
--- a/bse/
+++ b/bse/
@@ -33,7 +33,7 @@ bse_public_headers = $(strip \
    bsebus.hh               bsecategories.hh        \
    bsefilter.hh                    bsebiquadfilter.hh      \
    bseconstant.hh          bseconstvalues.hh       bsecontainer.hh                 bsecontextmerger.hh \
-   bseclientapi.hh         \
+   bseclientapi.hh         bseserverapi.hh         bse-internals.hh                \
                            bseeditablesample.hh    bseenums.hh                     bsegconfig.hh \
    bseglobals.hh           bseglue.hh              bseitem.hh                      bsejanitor.hh \
    bsemain.hh              bsemath.hh              bsemathsignal.hh                        bseladspa.hh \
@@ -129,7 +129,6 @@ EXTRA_DIST += $(strip \
    bsewave.header                                          \    \
    gslincluder.hh                       \
-   bse-internals.hh                                        \

Yours sincerely,
Tim Janik
Free software author and speaker.

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Stefan Westerfeld,

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