[PATCH 0/4] More changes to make SpectMorph compile properly

One problem I fix with these patches is that sfidl has a compiled-in standard
include path. Includes nowerdays reside in a subdir ($includedir/beast-0.9), so
the compiled-in path should also point to that subdir.

Also, two additional #include files from the bse/ directory need to be
installed in order to build SpectMorph.

Stefan Westerfeld (4):
  BUILD: provide definition of INSTALLPATH_PKGINCLUDEDIR in configure.h
  SFI: bse_installpath(): support package installation path for includes
  SFIDL: fix compiled-in standard include path
  BSE: install additional #include files required to build SpectMorph

 bse/Makefile.am      | 3 +--
 configure.ac         | 7 ++++---
 sfi/glib-extra.cc    | 1 +
 sfi/glib-extra.hh    | 1 +
 sfi/sfidl-options.cc | 2 +-
 5 files changed, 8 insertions(+), 6 deletions(-)


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