Re: Squashing the soundfont branch


On Wed, Feb 27, 2013 at 03:01:10AM +0100, Tim Janik wrote:
as discussed, attached is my latest (working) version of your soundfont
branch, squashed.


TODOs for this branch:
* The patch needs rebasing against recent devel with all the file
renames we've had in the meantime.


* sound_font_osc_process done detection needs mix-freq specific silence


* Comments/docs to add, there should be some general (big) comment in
the source about how SF support was implemented. E.g.:
** soundfontpresets are instruments
** soundfontosc is slim module shell around single-thread API
calculation of fluidsynth blocks.
** soundfont global lock description

Done. I added the big comment to, because this is where most
of the interesting things are done. Feel free to edit the text or for bigger
problems ask me to update the documentation.

* TIMJ: audit soundfont lock
* FUTURE: we need per engine-module CPU-affinity groups, since all sf
modules are calculated via a global SF lock
* FUTURE: ideally we move temp file creation and puring to a central

Ok, I didn't tackle any of the future stuff, but if would be great if
you could merge the branch now (before other changes in beast/devel
break it again). Please merge:

branch: soundfont

   Cu... Stefan
Stefan Westerfeld,

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