Squashing the soundfont branch

Hey Stefan,

as discussed, attached is my latest (working) version of your soundfont
branch, squashed.

I can apply this one fine against:
    f8d95bb3 Merge branch 'waveosc-96k'

That is:
git branch soundfont f8d95bb3ca29d910217c1ed0fb390b450ac4d4b3
git checkout soundfont
git am 0001-Merge-and-squash-branch-soundfont-support.patch

This patch should contain all the stwbeast soundfont changes, except
some unrelated fixes which have already been merged into devel as:
    3ae455c BSE: cleanups and fix typos in bse sources

TODOs for this branch:
* The patch needs rebasing against recent devel with all the file
renames we've had in the meantime.
* sound_font_osc_process done detection needs mix-freq specific silence
* Comments/docs to add, there should be some general (big) comment in
the source about how SF support was implemented. E.g.:
** soundfontpresets are instruments
** soundfontosc is slim module shell around single-thread API
calculation of fluidsynth blocks.
** soundfont global lock description
* TIMJ: audit soundfont lock
* FUTURE: we need per engine-module CPU-affinity groups, since all sf
modules are calculated via a global SF lock
* FUTURE: ideally we move temp file creation and puring to a central
place (bse utilities or somesuch)

We can merge the branch before the FUTURE items are tackled.

Yours sincerely,
Tim Janik

http://timj.testbit.eu/ - Free software Author

Attachment: 0001-Merge-and-squash-branch-soundfont-support.patch
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