C++ Porting State

Hey all,

as of today, all BSE synthesis stuff and all plugins in
git://git.gnome.org/beast branch 'devel' are now compiled as C++ code.
That means migration to internal use of C++ features can start, and we
might be able to exchange birnet with a Rapicorn dependency, which has a
much improved and cleaned up implementation of the old birnet functionality.
The code got leaner in a couple places during this, and through library
merging, plugin building and loading is much faster now.
Plugins did loose the ability to be unloaded during runtime, but we did
not have a strong use case for this anyway.

How exactly the GUI port to C++ will look like has yet to be determined,
but it'd allow us to get rid of IDL->C binding generation entirely,
which would be a plus.

Yours sincerely,
Tim Janik

http://timj.testbit.eu/ - Free software Author

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