stw branches

Hi Stefan,

I've tried to merge all pending stuff into beast now. So to summarize...

Your gslfftw patch is merged into devel now.

I looked at scm-wait-in-sfi but it doesn't seem needed, given

Your scm-wait-with-mainloop looks good and was merged into devel.

I merged waveosc-96k (bug #612281) into devel, because it looks like an
obvious improvement, eventhough you've reported assertions in some of
your development code. Let me know if you need further fixes here or so,
so far I have no test that fails it.

Your branch flac-support applies with minor changes against current tip
of devel, but stwbeast.php says its under development. what's missing here?

Please use descriptive branch names and not bug-numbers as branch names
or when referring to changes, my brain can not extract any semantics
from a bug numbers ;)
Please avoid pure whitespace changes in your patches.

For a while now, I've developed using topic branches that get merged
into an upstream repo 'devel' branch.
Upon releases, 'devel' then gets merged to 'master', so 'master'
generally just contains release points as commits.
I'm adopting that style for beast atm, which is why you find your
changes merged into 'devel' only, until the next release.

Yours sincerely,
Tim Janik

--- - Free software Author

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