ChangeLogs generated from Git

Hey All,

I've just changed beast master so that there's
only one autogenerated toplevel ChangeLog file
left. The file is generated from the commit
messages, and for those the rules are:

- Put a one-liner at the top, describing the
  intention or nature of the change. Prefix
  the respective subcomponent if that makes
  sense, e.g.:
    SFI: gcc-4.4 build fixes.
    BSE: Fixed control signal and pitch bend midi import (#574242)

- For the rest of the commit message, use the
  normal changelog style:
    * Filename: describe intention and means of change.

- If the commit fixes a bugtracker bug, provide
  bug number and title, e.g:
    Fix #574242 - MIDI import doesn't import pitch bend and control signals

The old changelogs are still provided in the docs/
subdirectory and the website has also been updated

Yours sincerely,
Tim Janik


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