BeastBuild updated, Windows installer available


Since the first release of BeastBuild, I've mainly worked on the
user experience. First of all, the build system now produces
binaries (images) for everything it compiles. This is then used
to create an installer which installs binaries of beast and its
dependancies (for instance, Beast needs perl and gcc to compile,
but not to run, so the end user installer doesn't need these

On the other hand, I introduced a small layer that makes Beast
relocatable, so the user can choose where to install Beast. See
also #352174.

Finally, the installer (and installed) size could be reduced
by omitting -g from CFLAGS throughout the build.

There were a few more fixes here and there. So the updated
beastbuild, including the new installer can be found here:


   Cu... Stefan
Stefan Westerfeld, Hamburg/Germany,

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