Building beast under Windows


In the last time, I've been working on an automatic python build script for
Beast on Windows. There are many build instructions out there for other free
software projects, which describe which packages to download, where to find
them, how to patch them, which options to pass to configure etc.

I wanted something which doesn't require interaction, so I wrote an automatic
script which compiles beast with all of its dependancies (*). To make things
even simpler, it also downloads the compiler and everything it needs to build
beast (MSys and Mingw). So you basically just need to download and run it, and
it will compile a working version of beast in C:\BEAST.

All necessary changes to the source code are made by applying suitable
patches which are supplied with beastbuild.

Here is the link where you can download beastbuild-0.1.0:

What is working?
* Most of the GUI
* Loading the Demo Song
* Playing the Demo Song (set the latency settings for beast somewhat
  higher, if the standard setting doesn't sound all right)
* Plugins
* PortAudio driver

What is not working?
* Scheme support
* Priority adjustment of the threads
* Browser integration (go to URL from Beast)
* Size optimization of the installed version of Beast (right now C:\beast
  contains Mingw, MSys, ActivePerl, and some of the stuff is compiled with
* Relocatabilty (beast will not work unless installed in C:\beast)
* probably something I've forgotten

Note that this is an SVN snapshot build which already claims to be
0.7.2, so there are no guarantees whether the files produced by this
windows version of beast work on any other beast.

   Cu... Stefan

(*) something like this has been done many times, for instance KDE4
for windows, the FreeBSD ports approach, Gentoo's emerge, and many
Stefan Westerfeld, Hamburg/Germany,

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