Re: Import a MIDI file


On Tue, May 29, 2007 at 12:54:52AM +0200, Tim Janik wrote:
> On Mon, 28 May 2007, W.Boeke wrote:
> >I imported a MIDI file and got all the channels listed correctly
> >in the beast window. I then mapped each channel to an existing
> >synthesizer, however then the show stopped. What can I do further?
> hm, testing it out it seems you still need to assign the tracks
> to at least the Master mixer bus for playback.
> beast also has a script that is meant to be usable for this, however
> it currently doesn't work for me.
> Stefan, does Tools/Song/Assign-Tracks-... work for you? it doesn't
> seem to work after a MIDI file import or a new project with a single
> unconnected track here. can you reproduce that or do you need a bug
> report about it?

It works the way I designed it, that is, it only reassigns those tracks
that are connected to master, and no other bus. It does this because:

(a) You want to be able to run it repeatedly (for instance after adding
new tracks). Then, those tracks that already have their own mixer
channel should not be reassigned.

(b) Often, you have tracks that are only there for modulating other
tracks (see Party Monster) - these of course don't need their own mixer
channel. So the correct thing for the user is: remove the routing to
master, and then the script will not interfere with these "effect only"
channels any more. Basically it follows the rule: if you could not hear
it before, then you shouldn't hear it after running the script.

(c) If the user uses custom routing (i.e. send output to master and 
another channel), then there is probably an intention behind this, so
the script will not touch this either.

So: just the midi import needs to be fixed, the script does the right

   Cu... Stefan
Stefan Westerfeld, Hamburg/Germany,

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