Re: Beast 0.7.1 on FreeBSD?

>>>>> "RK" == Rasmus Kaj <kaj kth se> writes:

 RK> Hello!  Is anyone out there working on updateing the FreeBSD port for
 RK> beast to 0.7.1?  

 RK> [...] crashes when I try to create a new song (from the project
 RK> menu), with the following message:

Turns out that there was an easy workaround.  The cause was that I had
built only FPU versions of the plugins, not SSE.  So if I just tell
beast to use the FPU versions instead, it works.  I'll look into why
the SSE versions didn't build later, now I'll play with some sound!

 RK> (Please cc me any follow-ups, since I'm not subscribed to the
 RK> list).

I am now.

Rasmus Kaj <rasmus kaj se> --
Intolerance is the last defense of the insecure

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