Beast 0.7.1 on FreeBSD?

Hello!  Is anyone out there working on updateing the FreeBSD port for
beast to 0.7.1?  (Please cc me any follow-ups, since I'm not
subscribed to the list).

I have made an attempt, and it does compile after some simple but
rather strange patches, outlined here (see below for actual patch


  - I add const in two places, this should probably just be changed
    unconditionally for all platforms.

  - A %lu is changed to %u in a format string.  The actual value
    printed is neither "long" nor "unsigned", but uint32_t.  I don't
    really know how to fix this, but wasn't there some new format
    macros for these types in c99?

  - For some reason, <sys/types.h> doesnt seem to deliver the typedef
    for uint, so I added it manually.  This is NOT the way to fix it,
    but at the moment, I'm a bit lazy ...


  - SA_NOMASK doesn't exist in FreeBSD.  After reading parts of the
    sigaction(2) manpage and guessing, i substituted SA_NODEFER.  This
    is what my manpage says:

    SA_NODEFER  If this bit is set, further occurrences of the
                delivered signal are not masked during the execution
                of the handler.

    Is this what was wanted?

With these changes it builds, but there are some warnings (in log
mentioned below).

Unfortunatley, it crashes when I try to create a new song (from the
project menu), with the following message:

BSE-ERROR **: bse_song_create_summation: failed to resolve
BseSummation object type, probably missing or broken plugin

In my timezone, it is time for me to sleep now, so I'll send this out
and hope someone has any helpfull comments ...   otherwise, I'll try
more tomorrow night.  If/when I find something more usefull, I'll keep
you posted!

My explorations so far can be found at:

The subdir port is a freebsd ports skeleton to replace
$PORTSDIR/audio/beast.  My patches mentioned above lives in

install.log is the output from make install (in the cleaned port).

Rasmus Kaj <rasmus kaj se> --
Unix is like a wigwam; no Gates, no Windows, and an Apache inside

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