phase shifting

I mentioned it in the irc, but I think here is the better place:

the shifting of the phase in the osc module does not work

Or I am stupid as toast. Would be another explanation. I tried this very hard 
because I needed badly. But if I change the phasing lever or the "Linde 
rauscht" comes to the same. 

But in every loss there is a gain. Did you know the DX7 and its successors did 
not do real frequency modulation but instead phase modulation (PM)? With pm 
you come to nearly the same result as with fm but without some problems. 
Without pm we never manage to build a synth thats sounding like DX-series 
synth and many other Yamahas. 

That why I'd like not only the lever working in the osc module, I would like 
that thing as an input. If you dont like the idea I'd be happy with a 
phase-shifter module too, thats a very short delay thats delaying a signal up 
to 1 phase (delayfactor also as an input, hehe). 

I badly need that thing or the lever working or I'm really in trouble with my 
organ. I can do many wierd things with math modules but no phase shifting. :(

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