Re: Icon updates once again

On lun, 2004-09-13 at 15:53 +0200, Tim Janik wrote:
> On Mon, 13 Sep 2004, [iso-8859-5] ������ wrote:
> > Hello,
> >
> > I've updated icons for beast notebooks and menus:
> > * midi-synth (for the tab and menu)
> > * mixer (tab)
> > * piano-roll (tab, also for parts tab)
> > * skin (tab)
> > * song (tab+menu)
> > * synth (tab+routing tab+menu)
> > * tracker (tab)
> > * tracks (tab)
> > * waverepo (tab)
> >
> > They're all 16x16 (as all menu/notebook icons in gnome should be) and
> i'm not sure that is true for all of gnome, e.g. a debian default installation
> comes with 20x20 pixel sized menu icons for the desktop menu. stock gtk uses
> these icon sizes: menus: 16x16, buttons: 20x20, small-toolbar: 18x18,
> large-toolbar: 24x24, dnd: 32x32, dialog: 48x48. it doesn't provide a stock
> icon size for notebook tabs at all.
The whole gnome uses 16x16 with notebooks (commonly surrounded by 2x2 or
4x4 pixel border from the very edge of the tabs). Take a look at gedit,
monodevelop, even firefox. Besides, aren't large icons are another waste
of precious screen space?

> so beast uses: button: 20x20, big-button: 32x32, dialog: 48x48, menu: 24x24,
> tabulator: 24x24, canvas: 64x64,
> toolbar==big-button: 32x32, palette==toolbar: 32x32.
> here, "big-button" are buttons like the ones used to load wave files, or
> to add/delete tracks and palette is the "Palette" dialog poped up from the
> "Routing" view of custom synthesizers.
> > look rather nice when there'is 4x4 pixels padding from the very edge in
> > glade (don't know how to put them to beast myself yet).
> i don't know what you mean with "very edge in glade".

When doing glade mockups...

> > I also beleive,
> > all the other (stock) menu items should be requested at 16x16 size as
> > well.
> i'll not make all the menu icon sizes smaller for every user, we can however
> support different icon sizes. that'll just required beast's current icon
> inclusion code to become a whee bit more smart to register icons at
> different sizes (which gtk supports very well).
> it'll take a while to hack that up though, so i'm not sure it'll make the
> next release, and i'd like us to agree on a set of new icon sizes then.
Just in case I vote for:
16x16: menus, notebooks
24x24: toolbars (maybe incl. song editor and synth editor)
32x32 or 24x24: big buttons (waves, buses)
64x64: modules

attached screenshots with 16x16 mockups, please compare...

Also nice would be to be able to choose the toolbar mode ("text below
icons"/"icons only") [now added to wiki]

> so, i'm not going to include your icons atm, because they'd be scaled up
> at the GUI and produce pixelize artefacts (rather than scaled down which
> looks more smoothly in case your icons were too big).
They shouldn't be scaled up, I made them small-sized.

> and while i think your new icons look nice once recognized, it takes a while
> to tell what's in there, because they are so small.

The only icon that takes time to figure out is midi-synth (generally not
very good one), but it's distinct and plays it's part sufficiently.

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