Icon updates once again


I've updated icons for beast notebooks and menus:
* midi-synth (for the tab and menu)
* mixer (tab)
* piano-roll (tab, also for parts tab)
* skin (tab)
* song (tab+menu)
* synth (tab+routing tab+menu)
* tracker (tab)
* tracks (tab)
* waverepo (tab)

They're all 16x16 (as all menu/notebook icons in gnome should be) and
look rather nice when there'is 4x4 pixels padding from the very edge in
glade (don't know how to put them to beast myself yet). I also beleive,
all the other (stock) menu items should be requested at 16x16 size as

Expect a little update for toolbar icons and svg icons for the modules
(I hope to finish those very soon). --Artem.

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