new icons (Re: Sample and Hold module)

On Sun, 5 Sep 2004, [iso-8859-5] °àâÕÜ ¿ÞßÞÒ wrote:

> > it'd be good if someone could provide an icon for this module (64x64 pixels,
> > using transparent background), as displaying big questionmarks at the GUI
> > isn't very helpfull ;)
> >
> I've created (hopefully not too ugly) icons for s&h, compressor and a
> ladspa icon with the LAD logo (attached).

great, the icons are very nice, all in CVS already ;)

in case you haven't shutdown gimp yet: ;)
we still need icons for the mixer busses (important), the mixer (not as
important), the pattern editor (mildly important) and maybe a replacement
for parts and tracks (not urgent), i'm not sure the partial railroad track
i drew there conveys the idea of a track to everyone.


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