Re: Sample and Hold module

> i've added this to the beast CVS now, so it'll ship with the next release.
> however, i had to change its namespace, so for the bse files you have which
> are already using a BseSampleAndHold module, you will need to do a search
> and replacement job to BseContribSampleAndHold.
> it'd be good if someone could provide an icon for this module (64x64 pixels,
> using transparent background), as displaying big questionmarks at the GUI
> isn't very helpfull ;)
I've created (hopefully not too ugly) icons for s&h, compressor and a
ladspa icon with the LAD logo (attached). By the way, are both
compressor modules (mono and stereo) required? I believe,
StereoCompressor is sufficient, just like the Summation module is
"stereo" but is ok for mono work.

One more thing... The CVS Beast is AWESOME!!! I've created 2 buses with
different inputs and specified them as inputs for the master bus... Now
I see the cute db meters dancing right before my eyes :) --Artem

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