Re: Use Cases - question about the process

On Wed, 11 Feb 2004, Tim Janik wrote:
> > So, to get everything a bit ordered we might have or need to build  a
> chain
> > that looks like this:
> >
> > - reuirement/feature (request, if not already implemented)
> constructing use cases for features already implemented is also
> very important. that is useful to find out whether an implementation
> is appropriate, what it lacks and what can be improved upon it.

Yes, That's why my chain starts there, and i mentioned feature requests as
an extra topic to imply that we should get started  documenting the features
realized. I think technology-wise we have nearly everything a real cool
making app needs, but not as accessible as it could be. 

I see, there's a wiki page on FeatureRequests, if that's o.k. i'd start a
page named "FeaTures" or "FeatureS"  and start filling it with what i see
beast can already

> > - UseCase
> > - story board
> i don't think story boards make too much sense in our current situation.
> i'd rather concentrate on use cases and how to accomplish the related
> tasks.

I agree that the both first topics are most important for now, 
and we shouldn't start writing long stories about just any use case or
so we will do those stories only as needed for discussion of the
implementation of use cases.

When we get input from users in form of Story boards as it's much easier 
for less computer-literate users to describe what they want to do how, 
we should translate them up the chain to use cases and features needed.


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