Re: Use Cases - question about the process

On Mon, 9 Feb 2004, Henning Sprang wrote:

> > > collection and a "storyboard" for sequences of actions users want/need
> > > to perform to accomplish their tasks?
> >
> > to contrast a story board from a use case, the board more focusses on a
> > specific task for a specific user. it then describes the sequence of
> > actions necessary for the user to get the task accomplished. this can be
> > accompanied by small pictures actually showing the user do things.
> > the main purpose of a story board is to get potentiall computer-illiterate
> > customers (or employees of a customer) familliar with the plans of the
> > programmers and to figure whether the program correctly fits into the
> > normal workflow.

> So, to get everything a bit ordered we might have or need to build  a chain
> that looks like this:
> - reuirement/feature (request, if not already implemented)

constructing use cases for features already implemented is also
very important. that is useful to find out whether an implementation
is appropriate, what it lacks and what can be improved upon it.

> - UseCase
> - story board

i don't think story boards make too much sense in our current situation.
i'd rather concentrate on use cases and how to accomplish the related

> - GUI mockup
> - implementation plan
> got it right?

pretty much. the gui mockup is probably what requires the most
discussion, and can often hint towards a suitable implementation.

> I think we should do that from the ground up, so everything fits nicely
> together, because all of them depend on each other.
> Henning


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