Re: beast crux-linux port available

On Thu, 8 Apr 2004, Henning Sprang wrote:

> Hy,
> > On Wed, 7 Apr 2004, Henning Sprang wrote:
> > [...]
> > wondering, what's with ogg/vorbis? (and having libmad as well
> > wouldn't be bad either).
> ogg is installed, maybe it was there in the default install, there was xmms
> before i removed it to
> free space, so it can be that therefore ogg was installed, too.
> but libmad must be only an optional build dependency - what is iit needed
> for?

yes, mad is optional, the README outlines the exact deps.

> Another interesting thing is, if and how i could create an install without
> gui, only bsesh,

the tarball doesn't allow for that currently. and it's in fact the
first time i hear that request ;) somthing like a tarball split up
will need to happen once other projects start to use just libbse.

> i thought about editing my songs by hand, because the gui is pretty slow
> anyway on
> that machine, or if it would be possible to create a lighter GUI thzat runs
> a bit more performant
> on slow machines

the best thing to do here is to identify the bottlenecks in Gtk+ and
to make that faster.

> - there is would make sense to have only a sample player as
> realtime software synthesis
> is too much for that machine -e.g. party monster starts scratching and
> hangin' as soon as the xtal strings
> start - i don't think that'll change significantly when i install kernel 2.6
> (which i will do anyway).

probbaly not. however, we still need a bsesh script that'll take a song, and
render it into a wav or ogg file offline.

> Anyway, 0.6.1 is great, i think the pattern editor is a nice thing. I wrote
> some other things
> while i tried it out some weeks ago on antother machine,m but can't find the
> paper now.


> One thing i just saw: preferences are available in three(!)  menus - I
> understand that so the preferences can be easily found,
> and it's stupid in general that every other application has it either under
> one of the menus where it's placed in beast now,
> but is there some more reason behind it?

no. it's really that i wanted to avoid people *not* finding it, and for each
location, an argument could be made to demand the preferences in that place.
this way, i just take critics about too many places for the preferences menu,
which has the smallest drawback on users i think ;)

> Henning


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