Re: beast crux-linux port available


> On Wed, 7 Apr 2004, Henning Sprang wrote:
> [...]
> wondering, what's with ogg/vorbis? (and having libmad as well
> wouldn't be bad either).

ogg is installed, maybe it was there in the default install, there was xmms
before i removed it to
free space, so it can be that therefore ogg was installed, too.

but libmad must be only an optional build dependency - what is iit needed

Another interesting thing is, if and how i could create an install without
gui, only bsesh,
i thought about editing my songs by hand, because the gui is pretty slow
anyway on
that machine, or if it would be possible to create a lighter GUI thzat runs
a bit more performant 
on slow machines - there is would make sense to have only a sample player as
realtime software synthesis
is too much for that machine -e.g. party monster starts scratching and
hangin' as soon as the xtal strings
start - i don't think that'll change significantly when i install kernel 2.6
(which i will do anyway).

Anyway, 0.6.1 is great, i think the pattern editor is a nice thing. I wrote
some other things 
while i tried it out some weeks ago on antother machine,m but can't find the
paper now.

One thing i just saw: preferences are available in three(!)  menus - I
understand that so the preferences can be easily found,
and it's stupid in general that every other application has it either under
one of the menus where it's placed in beast now,
but is there some more reason behind it?


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