BST_VERSION in man sources

hi alper,

we generate manual pages with:

bse.3.texi: $(bse_refsrc_globs) $(SCANDOCS) $(top_builddir)/config.status
        $(SCANDOCS) --name "BSE-Functions" \
                    --blurb "BSE Function Reference" \
                    --package "BEAST-$(VERSION)" \
                    --seealso "beast-man://3/bse-procs,BSE Procedures" \
                      $(bse_refsrc_globs) >$@
which generates:
@docpackage{BEAST-0.5.5}        @* FIXME: use BST_VERSION here

i'm currently adding a manually written manual page
(bse-plugin-generator.texi), and i don't want to change
it everytime the beast version changes.

so is there a possibility to sneak the package version
in from within the Makefile for ready-made texi man pages?


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