Re: translating beast (Re: Please translate beast and bse)

El dom, 26-10-2003 a las 18:39, Tim Janik escribió:

> > Also, another inherited problem with the multiple domains approach is
> > that the multiple po directories use different names. In close to 99% of
> > the cases a "cd po" is enough for the translator, but in the case of
> > gimp and beast they must also carefully examine what other po
> > directories are available and the special directories and names they use
> > in that particular module. We could of course extend the instructions on
> > to
> > also cover the special cases of beast and gimp, but I'm not sure that
> > making those instructions much more complicated to make them work for 1%
> > more modules is worth the effort.
> you must be kidding. adding one extra sentence about translators having
> to look for po-*/ directories also is definitely less effort than having
> to fix up the build process everytime a new translation is added to one
> of your "1%" projects.

We are not talking about one extra sentence, it's an extra sentence *
the number of modules that add extra po dirs like gimp and beast.

> > So, to sum things up, I would propose that to facilitate this once and
> > for all you in beast either
> > 1) Use one translation domain only for the beast module, or
> > 2) Split beast up in several modules, each one with only one translation
> > domain.
> beast uses different translation domains for the parts that are likely
> to become seperate packages in the future. it doesn't use seperate
> translation domains for the fun of it or to annoy translators.

Both packages could be installed without the other?

> however, i will not prematurely split beast off into seperate modules
> just because this is the time you decided to translate beast.
> don't misunderstand me, i very much apprechiate the translation efforts
> dedicated to beast, but i won't let translations or any other implementation/
> standardisation/documentation/etc undertaking mess up long term project plans.

We are talking about fixing packages instead of use "hacks".

> it's not that there'd exist an unfixable conflict between the way the beast
> module is setup and the ability to translate it. translations just need to
> be maintained in po-bse/ as well at the moment, and that works out fine for
> lots of the translations added to beast so far.

But for example, we should hack also our tools to manage those kind of
buggy setups (like translations status pages).

We have other options, I'm investigating a setup that lets you store
several domains inside the same .po file so you get several .mo from the
same .po file. That's a undocumented gettext feature but I hope it help 


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