BEAST/BSE version 0.5.5 is available for download at:

BEAST (the Bedevilled Audio SysTem) is a graphical front-end to
BSE (the Bedevilled Sound Engine), a library for music composition,
audio synthesis, MIDI processing and sample manipulation.
The project is hosted at:

This new development series of BEAST comes with a lot of
the internals redone, many new GUI features and a sound
generation back-end separated from all GUI activities.

The most outstanding new features are the demo song, the effect and
instrument management abilities, the track editor which allowes
for easy selection of synthesizers or samples as track sources, loop
support in songs and unlimited Undo/Redo capabilities.

Note, if you encounter problems with .bse files from previous BEAST
versions, this may indicate bugs at the compatibility layer.
A bug report accompanied by the problematic file can be send to the
mailing list and is likely to get you a fixed file in return.

Overview of Changes in BEAST/BSE 0.5.5:

* New (or ported) modules:
  DavCanyonDelay - Canyon Echo by David A. Bartold
  BseMidiInput   - Monophonic MIDI Keyboard input module
  BseBalance     - Stereo panorama position module
  ArtsCompressor - Mono and stereo compressor [Stefan Westerfeld]
* Added utility script to crop and duplicate parts [Stefan Westerfeld]
* Added "Party Monster" demo song [Stefan Westerfeld]
* Implemented ability to use sequencer as modulation source
* Added support for external MIDI events in song tracks
* Added .bse file playback facility to bsesh
* Added support for C++ Plugins
* Now installs bse-plugin-generator for simple creation of C++ Modules
* Added manual pages for installed executables
* Lots of small MIDI handling fixes
* Fixed MP3 loader
* Major GUI improvements
* Registered MIME types for .bse files, provided .desktop file
* Made search paths for various resources user configurable
* Added prototype support to IDL compiler [Stefan Westerfeld]
* Work around PTH poll() bug on NetBSD [Ben Collver, Tim Janik]
* Support NetBSD sound device names [Ben Collver]
* Added i18n infrastrukture for BEAST and BSE [Christian Neumair, Tim Janik]
* Added Azerbaijani translation [Metin Amiroff]
* Added Russian translation [Alexandre Prokoudine]
* Added Serbian translation [Danilo Segan]
* Added Swedish translation [Christian Rose]
* Added German translation [Christian Neumair]
* Added Czech translation [Miloslav Trmac]
* Added Dutch translation [Vincent van Adrighem]
* Lots of bug fixes


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