Re: OT: Unicode and UTF-8 avoided?

Danilo Segan <> writes:

> I'm living a bit on the edge and using Emacs from CVS (21.3.50.*), but  
> it doesn't bring big improvements in that regard (at least I think,  
> since it's not emacs-unicode branch, which aims to switch Emacs  
> internally to UTF-8, which shouldn't be a big improvement on the user  
> side, either).

Using 21.2 is a little bit dangerous - it can happen easily (c&p) that
different charsets end up in one buffer and Emacs will encode it as
ctext or iso-2022; Emacs 21.3 by defaults unify different encodings (at
least some of them) as UTF-8.  That's a big advantage.

For serious work based on UTF-8 you will need the Emacs version from
CVS head - this one is also able to recognize the encoding of XML files
properly ;)

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