Re: OT: Unicode and UTF-8 avoided? (was Re: Please translate beast and bse)

Дана петак, 17. октобар 2003. 00:04:15 CEST, Sven Neumann написа:
> Hi Tim,
> Tim Janik <> writes:
> > as for the ChangeLog, NEWS and README, those simply ascii, and that
> > won't change until debian ships with an UTF-8 capable emacs which
> > i'm desperately waiting for.
> apt-get install mule-ucs

Actually, Emacs 21.2 (as well as 21.3) should handle UTF-8 sufficiently  
well -- at least for reading in and not-messing-up [you might need  
"(prefer-coding-system 'utf-8)" in your .emacs].

I'm living a bit on the edge and using Emacs from CVS (21.3.50.*), but  
it doesn't bring big improvements in that regard (at least I think,  
since it's not emacs-unicode branch, which aims to switch Emacs  
internally to UTF-8, which shouldn't be a big improvement on the user  
side, either).

I remember using it without Mule-UCS (which caused only much longer  
startup time), but I may be wrong (because I still had Mule-UCS  
installed with a patch that made it much faster, so I might have  
confused the two terms of usage).

All the entries in ChangeLog I input are done through this same Emacs,  
and using a simple C-x 4 a (of course, my name is set on the system, so  
Emacs just inserts it).


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